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Become a Distributor

Become a Distributor

Do you want to become a distributor for LSM Pumps® USA Inc. Peristaltic Hose Pumps?


  • Want to increase your business with a product unlike anyone else?
  • Want to increase your costumer satisfaction?
  • Want to represent the most progressive Peristaltic pump on the market?

Then consider representing LSM Pumps® USA Inc. Peristaltic Hose Pumps from the manufacturer of:


The Worlds Largest Peristaltic Hose Pump
Double the Hose Life and Half the Power
Compared to other similar pump design


  • 13 Different Sizes from 10mm to 200mm ( ½” to 8” )
  • Flow rates to 300,000 l/hr ( 1322 GPM )
  • No internal Rotors, Check valves, Balls or Cavities to clog, stick or block
  • Hose is the ONLY wetted part in the pump
  • Self Priming up to 9m H2O ( 29.5 feet ) static height
  • Dry-run capability without any hose damage
  • Reversible operation which allow instant pumping in both directions
  • Seal-less design - - no seals or packing’s that can wear and leak
  • Many standard hose materials to comply with every application
  • Handle Abrasive, Aggressive, Shear Sensitive or Contaminated fluids
  • Move Slurries with extreme high content of solid matter
  • Will even pump live FISH without any meat damage
  • Pass LARGE solids without any damage to passing solids or the hose
  • Have precise dosing capabilities and can be used as a metering pump
  • Casings in Steel, Stainless Steel or with Special Coating

The superior LSM Pumps® USA Inc. design displaces around double the volume of a similar pump and consume only HALF the POWER

LSM Pumps uses SOFT ROLLERS - NOT SHOES for the hose compression. This means less wear and lower friction on the hose. This, along with our UNIQUE roller/hose adjustment provide you with more than DOUBLE the HOSE LIFE

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