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Principle of Operation


This pump is a positive displacement pump and is used to pump a large variety of fluids. The fluid is contained in an elastomeric hose mounted inside a semi-circular shaped pump housing. A rotor arm allows a number of rollers to totally compress and close the internal of the hose when passing. As the hose behind the roller returns to its natural state, fluid is again introduced into the hose.

When a peristaltic pump requires service, the design allows for a quick, easy and low cost fix. The user will even be able to perform the service himself if so desired. The hose clamps are removed while the hose is exchanged, and then attached again when the hose is replaced. No special tools are needed to perform the hose exchange.

The roller compresses the hose and forces the fluid forward.


As the hose behind the roller returns to its natural state, the fluid is again introduced into the hose.


When a fluid segment is forced forward, another is introduced into the hose.


With each 180° the opposite rollers compress the hose in two places and the motion is continued.



  • Longer Hose Life and Major Power savings compared to other hose pumps
  • No fluid exposed bearings or packing
  • No check valves or other mechanical devices in the fluid
  • Allow dry run without any damage
  • Self priming to 30 ft (9.5 m) H2O vacuum
  • Fully reversible and can be used to clear blocked inlet or upstream pipe
  • Ideal for the pumping of highly abrasive, corrosive and viscous fluids
  • Allows for fast installation and can be moved without major difficulties or expenses
  • Will handle corrosive and abrasive acid and caustic
  • Easy and quick maintenance and fast hose replacement without special tools