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LSM Pumps® USA Inc. manufacture Hose Pumps in all sizes from 3/8” to 8”. The LSM Pumps size 8” is the Worlds Largest Peristaltic Pump. Read more...

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The LSM Pumps Hose pump transfers Sardines from the receiving area to the manufacturing plant in a Sea food facility in Chile. The transfer is done without any meat damages. LSM Pumps can handle many seafood varieties, and operate on trawlers, docks and barges where the transfer follow directly into the processing plant.




Why Choose LSM Pumps? 

The design prevent any backflow, and the pump has no cavities, balls or check valves that can clog or get stuck. No packings, rotors or other problem items are in the fluid. Read more...

  • Rollers Not Shoes
  • Sealless Design
  • Reversible Flow
  • Dry Run Capability
  • Self Priming
  • Hose is ONLY Wetted Part
  • Also in Stainless Steel
  • Many Hose Materials
  • HALF the POWER
  • Dosing Capability
  • Low Maintenance